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ILTIS Process Control System ILTIS is both process control system and planning tool.

ILTIS Control System and Upgradings ILTIS-PCS is able to adapt itself to the individual plant structure. If the plant grows, ILTIS-PCS will grow, too. It is possible to upgrade any system individually or to upgrade to the next higher system package.

ILTIS Surface ILTIS Surface

ILTIS A talent for languages ILTIS a talent for languages - feeling at home everywhere in the world

ILTIS Interfaces to External Software The name ILTIS-PCS stands for an universal control system offering data transparency and being open for each kind of data exchange. In order to meet the demands of different data interfaces ILTIS-PCS offers different solutions.

ILTIS DmsVoyager ILTIS DmsVoyager is an auxiliary tool creating key signal basing overviews, setting values or generating protocols or any documentation with the help of printable reports.

ILTIS DataExport DataExport out of ILTIS

ILTIS Alarm Signaling The ILTIS-PCS option Alarm Signaling ALA guarantees a steady process monitoring, even at absence of the staff.

ILTIS BOA Acquisition ILTIS-BOA stands for a user-friendly solution recording, merging and saving data acquisition independently and batch-oriented for each process, regarding to a partial plant, charge, or batch.

ILTIS Falke FALKE is a configuration tool used for control programming and creating process flows.

ILTIS Pipes The ILTIS-Pipes function contained in the ILTIS standard is both an engineering tool for the project engineer, which greatly simplifies the drawing and extension of process pictures with pipes, as well as a helpful information tool for the operator, which shows the direction of flow as well as the medium in color and in text, indicating on each pipe

ILTIS Redundancy With the ILTIS-Option Redundancy RED, two ILTIS-PCS systems will be operated redundant and monitor continuously each other.

ILTIS Report Editor The option ILTIS Report provides user-specific reports displaying the actual status of plant. For example, maintenance staff or staff at changes of shifts need those reports.

ILTIS Recipe Control Recipe controlling and administrating

ILTIS Skript-Modul The ILTIS Option Script-Module enables the implementation of programmable logic that is controllable by input signals. Application example: Data exchange with higher-level systems (MES / ERP)

ILTIS SQL Using ILTIS-SQL you will get a flexible solution for fast and error-free exchange of production- and setpoint values. All by ILTIS-PCS recorded data can be used for further processing for instance in MES/ERP Systems.

ILTIS VideoMode Records all process values and allows to replay the production even better than a video sequence, while the production will not be interrupted and will continue

ILTIS Web Control, operate, monitor the system via all popular browsers